Celebrant Taurapa officiates weddings in the Christchurch area and throughout Aotearoa.

He kaiwhakamoe Māori a Taurapa e whakamana ana i ngā hononga motuhake. Taurapa is a Māori celebrant who loves creating unique moments for couples in te reo Māori and English. He is passionate about using and normalising te reo Māori. He specialises in small intimate ceremonies, but doesn’t shy away from big occasions either. Get in touch with Taurapa!

Tell us about yourself? Taurapa is the Te Reo Māori Translator and Specialist for Stuff NZ. He also owns his own business where he helps to normalise the use of tikanga and te reo Māori within organisations around Aotearoa.

Tell us about your style? Super informal, very relaxed, and easy-going, so that the couple can get to celebrating quicker!

Best part of any ceremony for you? The smiles.

Favourite things? Playing music, learning te reo Māori, and being with whānau.


W. moea.co.nz

E. taurapa@moea.co.nz

T. 0277 472 525

F. facebook.com/moea.celebrant

I. instagram.com/moea.celebrant