Joy is a Selwyn-based celebrant who is available to officiate in the wider Canterbury area – travelling in her own house bus!

Joy is a validated member of CANZ – Celebrants Aotearoa NZ.  Joy has a Diploma in Celebrant Studies and was accredited by BDM in 2015.  Having a large family, Joy has always been well organised, and pays attention to detail.  She’s well prepared so if something unforeseen arises– there will be no panics, as most things can be sorted with her calm approach. 

Tell us about yourself? I really value my large family and thrive on the highs and lows of life. I got into weddings several years ago by default. Funerals were what I initially wanted to do. After my 18-year-old nephew was killed in a car accident, I was forever changed. There was more training available for weddings, so I studied to be the best I could be as a celebrant. 

Tell us about your style? I’m incredibly organised and make sure every detail is taken care of; yet relaxed. I think fast on my feet and am naturally quick witted.  Several times I’ve been told it was the best wedding they’d ever been to.  When warranted, I can be serious and heartfelt. Having my husband often accompany me is a huge bonus; he’s usually the sound man!

Best part of any ceremony for you? When the groom first lays sight on his bride, often we both tear up. The father giving away his daughter, his look of pride, just precious. Children always surprise with antics. Telling the couples story, engaging guests, hearing their murmurs and laughs. The heartfelt vows, special and individual bringing out some gorgeous emotions. Actually there’s nothing I don’t like about weddings. 

Favourite things? My family – particularly my grandchildren; Discovering NZ by bus: finding that this country is pretty exceptional from one end to the other; Dogs: my old Springer Spaniel and daughter’s German Shepherd; My Maine Coon, Bentley, who rules the household; Our garden, although recently my husband almost died from Legionnaires Disease – so we are more cautious now.; I’m quite ‘crafty’ too!




T. 0274 987 151